Our Story

(EN) Demue Jewelry Studio brand presents for the people who create or achieve some important things in their lives. Demue absolutely knows that these achievements are not only priceless for themselves, but also can be inspirational stories for other who have a dream. 
Demue tries the best to create the diamond jewelries to be the representative of your unique stories which valuable and meaningful. For us, it is not only a diamond jewelry, it is an inspiration.
Demue knows that the value should come together with the perfect diamond, perfect quality and the better price. Family of Demue’s founder has experienced in diamond jewelry business more than 50 years from China town to New York. Now, Demue’s founder is the 4th generation of the family. Our business vision is “Perfect diamond, Perfect quality and Better price.” Demue would like to follows the same vision as family, however, the rental rate of store is higher every year. Therefore, Demue launches the online platform instead of physical store to save the cost and customers can buy jewelry with lower mark-up price.
Demue offers the price lower than typical stores about 20-35%. Moreover, Demue has professional team that expert in the diamond jewelry craftmanship. So, we can control all qualities of our jewelries.

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